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Let Our Experts Help Build Your Program:

We Have Been Doing It For Decades

Your school has made the important choice to adopt a school uniform program. What do you do now? Our goal at Parker is to make the development process as simple and worry-free as possible. We've been doing this for years, 80 in fact, so your Parker salesperson is ready to help you develop a program to meet the unique needs and goals of your school.
  1. Not so Fast: Before diving into specific uniform choices, your Parker salesperson will want to first understand your school's goals and needs. Whether you are most interested in developing a unique brand to increase your school's visibility or in promoting unity within a diverse student population, we are ready to help you meet your goals. Our salespeople are seasoned veterans when it comes to developing relationships and understanding the pitfalls and opportunities in the uniform planning process.
  2. The Fun Starts Here: It is time to develop the clothing options for your students. At Parker, we can help make your uniform program as simple or as elaborate as you feel necessary. We offer great quality standard choices such as khaki pants, sweaters, and polo shirts. At the same time, we understand how important custom choices are to schools. Whether you are interested in a custom plaid, embroidered or silk-screened items or developing your own jumper, we are ready to assist you through the process. We design and manufacture in-house, so we can handle your special requests or special sizing.
  3. Let's Get To Work: Once you have decided upon your uniform program, we will develop a uniform brochure specific to your school that you can distribute to parents. We will also develop an estimate for your school's needs and begin the manufacturing process immediately. Through it all, we will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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