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Most companies model their customer interaction on a pyramid. At the top is the executive team, deciding how the business will be run. They instruct the department managers, who tell the folks on the front lines, who "deal with" the customers.

At Parker, we turn that upside-down. Take a look at our model:
Parker Uniforms Working Model
At the top is you. We base every decision on what's best for our customers. Next, we empower those who work with you most closely - our store and sales managers - and give them the tools they need to provide stellar service. Then comes our support team, then our leadership.

This "putting you first" philosophy pervades all that we do. In fact, if you were to look at our employee training manual, you'd see that the first full page has 5 lines about the company ... but 18 about our customers. And the very next page begins with these words: "Our customers are the reason Parker School Uniforms exists."

As you would expect, this translates into an exceptional level of customer service. We work hard to treat our customers well. The result? A school retention rate of 98.4 percent - solid evidence that it's sometimes best to think upside-down.

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